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Sports Ball Bowl 


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Sports Ball Bowl 

Written By: Team Recycling Et Cetera 



Dremel tool (1) 
or sharp knife 

hand-held electric drill (1) 
small drill bit (1) 


Hollow sports ball (1) 
Thin wire (1) 


For all those sports enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. If you have any sports balls in 
your home just lying around and you really want to keep them, this is for you as well. Take 
an old item and use it in a new way. 

This project is extremely easy and simple for all. While children will need adult supervision, 
makers of almost any age can create this. With a small number of tools and virtually no 
money, you can have a new bowl for the house in no time. 

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Sports Ball Bowl 

Step 1 — Sports Ball Bowl 

• Take a basketball which is partly filled with air. (It needs to have some air in it to make the 
cutting easier.) 

• Using a Dremel rotary tool and a carbide disk, cut the ball in half. 

Step 2 

• Take one half of the ball that you 
cut in step 1 and cut the top off in a 
circle to create a base for the bowl. 

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Sports Ball Bowl 

Step 3 

• Drill eight holes in the bowl. Space them evenly around it where it will meet the base. Drill 
matching holes in the base. 

• These holes will have wire strung through them to hold the two parts together. 
Step 4 

• Insert wire through the holes and twist the wire together to firmly attach the bowl to the 

• There you go, a bowl for your next party! 

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